Content Marketing

Content Marketing that Truly Changes a Reader's Behavior

Our content is adapted for technology, written to change your readers’ brain chemistry, and increases desired online behaviors.

In the most simplified form, all writing is suppose to do this. But somehow, we’ve lost sight of what it is that truly makes this happen. 

The way we write has been scientifically proven to boost engagement, clicks, online sales, donations, ROI, and retention

We Write to Make What Your Brand Does More Human

Brands need to be more empathetic, relatable enjoyable, and worth supporting every day. These are the key elements that we use to drive behavior through our content marketing. 


We write to build up to that next click. We take the understanding that your customer’s objective will trigger a dopamine rush upon every customer touchpoint to make for a truly click-worthy moment on every step of the journey.


Words are one of the most human forms of expression and your brand should be too. Your brand’s content should be relatable to your customer on a human level as well as meaningful to what they REALLY want to achieve in their life. 


It is important for online retail and other products and services to ease your customers’ ideal emotional state into relaxation, happiness, familiarity, and comfort.  This is an optimal state of mind for creating memories, making decisions, learning, and idea generation. 

Our NX Analysis Tells Our Writers How to Keep Your Customers in an Ideal Buying State of Mind. This is Why Our Content Stands Out in Your Customer's Mind + Your ROI.

And Here’s How We Do It…

Identify Your Customer

We determine your ideal customer demographic profile

NX Analysis

We identify the subconscious desires of your customer when they buy your product

Ideal Buying State

In the NX Analysis we identify the ideal emotional state your customer has to be in to convert

Writing Psychology

We map the psychographic profile of your target customer, identifying the tone and writing style that will preserve the right emotional state

You Pick The Writer

Each writer on our team writes a blog article to meet the right buyer psychology in voice and tone - You choose which writer you like best

The Neurochemicals We Focus On Triggering Opens Your Brand to the Amazing World of Possibilities and the True Magic of Being Human

Website Copy

Blog Articles

Landing Pages + Funnels

Email + SMS Campaigns

Chat Bot + AI Semantics

Ad Campaigns


Your Tinder Profile (JK)

Frequently Asked Questions About NX Content Marketing (FAQ)

Do ducks quack? 

Yes! SEO is a primary goal in all of our website-related content. We write the semantics and syntax to meet the desires of both Google’s search engine and your customer alike. If you want to learn more about our SEO process, emphatically click this link

A brand’s voice is the written energy throughout the content. 

There’s a special je ne sais quoi about writing brand copy that we’ve specialized in. A lot of clients want a brand that echos their own voice, but in reality,  what you want is a brand that echoes your customer’s voice. 

We identify the demographic profile of your ideal target customer ahead of time to get a sense of their psychology, their deepest subconscious desires toward buying your product, and their ideal emotional buying state. Then, we echo their sentiment throughout your copy to create the most psychologically engaging experience that your customer will relate to.

Think about when you shop for clothing vs shopping for groceries. 

You are likely in a different emotional state of mind when you purchase these two very different kinds of products. Furthermore, you’re likely to purchase more products when the shopping experience enhances the neurochemicals that feed your deeper subconscious desires. 

This is what we identify in the NX analysis and execute with our content marketing, web design, software development, and digital marketing services

With the NX Analysis, we identify the deepest subconscious desires of your target market when they are interfacing with your product or service and wh